Monday, November 15, 2010

Status Update: Waiting Hurts My Ass

Last Monday, I sent all of my documents that I have acquired throughout the month of October to my recruiter's office in Seoul. FedEx's tracking system reported that my recruiter, Scott, received the package. Scott is usually responsive, so I had assumed he would e-mail that he had gotten everything.

Thus far, I haven't done shit for the past week, other than go to work and the chiropractor to make the days go by faster.

Status update from Scottie:

your case no rpoblem

we are waiting your visa issue number

it takes 10-14days

i will le tyou know as soon as I get

thank hyou

Actually, I am lying when I say that I haven't done "shit" the past week. I've been visiting bookstores to find any book on travelling or English grammar. Out of all books, I did picked up Eat, Shoots & Leaves. Reading the book made me irritated because the author's tone itself sounded irritated toward people who just don't know or understand the English grammar (I even heard her British accent while reading), so I've decided to stop reading it and exchanging it for a reference book. I point this out, because obviously from Scott's e-mail, he needs a little help too. But I'm not going to be the one to point his errors out, not until my ass is in my apartment in Yeoju come this December.

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