Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Bucketful of Lists

In the following week to come before I depart for my year journey to the Hermit Kingdom (South Korea/Republic of Korea/ROK), I'm preparing myself from the future homesickness I will endure. I still have many tasks to accomplish before I can comfortably leave Minnesota. I have yet to tell my Grandparents. Fortunately, my Grandmother on my Mom's side, knew before she had passed away yesterday evening (my Grandfather passed away in 1995). This unexpectedness has my mind boggling that anything can happen in the following year.

I don't know the exact way to translate my message in Hmong to my paternal Grandparents that I am leaving in a few weeks, although I have the feeling that possibly one of my Aunts have already told them. How would I say it? Casually? Enthusiastically? Sadly? The Hmong language really can't be expressed with emotions, I have realized, unless it's about love and hate, both consisting of many tears and lots of yelling. Why does this matter anyway? Due to my family circumstances that have happened in 2010, I want them to know that I am not running away from the situation or neglecting my obligations as a daughter, whatever that may mean. I'm simply living out my life in the world as an educator.

I am on a time crunch. I have to make a quick run to the bank to copy and notorize my diploma (again) and drive across the street to the MN Secretary of State office to apostille the notorized diploma copy. Then, head to wash the family's laundry (I can't help being so available to my family). Hit 2PM (no pun intended), my eldest sister, Mom, and I are headed to Chicago for my 10AM interview with the Korean Consulate.

My packing list is all over the place. I absolutely am packing a bottle of Smirnoff, cans of Dr. Pepper, and couple of Saigon-wiches. Something has to relieve my stress that I will endure the minute I land on Incheon's landing strip.
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  1. Good luck Barbara! Sounds like a heck of a ride.

  2. Welcome to the adventure of life!


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