Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mental Low

Waking up this morning, I sure as hell was not feeling like P.Diddy, maybe more like Ke$ha (a hot mess). My nose was (and still is) congested with snot and my throat was dry and itchy. I have diagnosed myself as literally, "worried sick". Thank God there weren't any classes being held today, just a field trip to the hot springs. Great timing.

Kate and I on our way to Termeden in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do

There were about 32 students and 6 adults in total. I was told to bring a swimsuit, t-shirt, and shorts. I made the assumption that it wasn't a bath house (찜질방) so I didn't need to worry about nudity. As soon as I entered the women's locker room, my female students were stripping naked in front of me. I kept looking around for the co-teachers to follow their lead, but they were no where to be found. Let me just make note, I have been to a bath house before, however with friends (which I thought was awkward), but this time it's with my students. Talk about building relationships, just throw me in a bath house locker room with them! It makes it all easier. So I waited by pacing throughout the locker room (walking the opposite direction every time a naked Korean stood before me). Then I realized, the faster I put on my swimsuit the less nudity I would see. (Durr...)

Termeden Hot Springs is a wonder. This was the first hot springs I have ever visited and I must say it made a huge impression on me. My co-teachers later mentioned that Caribbean Bay is much larger. (WTF?-STFU!-moment.) There is an indoor pool with outdoor facilities, too. I was awed by the outdoor hot spring and heated-pool area, I later discovered an outdoor-sauna-hut. (Saunas = Love!) It was freezing cold outside, but it didn't matter, I was soaking like ramen-noodles in Lemon Tea. (Can your insides cook if you stay in the hot water for too long? I felt like mine were.) My male students enjoyed their time torturing me with water splashing at my face. It wasn't until after lunch, when two co-teachers and I escaped from the students. I was able to breathe for most of the day and forget my worries and my sickness, until we departed. The silent-mofo returned.

I'm asked every day if the students are good, behavior-wise. I wonder every time, "Were they ever bad?" Other than splashing water in the hot spring today, I wouldn't even fine them for that offense. Honestly, I would chaperon 32 Korean students than supervise 5 kids at Oxford Swimming Pool, only because 5/5 would most likely drown from diving or crossing into the 6-feet end, which I sure as hell wouldn't even cross into. It's funny, too, that the school would have me chaperon at a swimming pool (or put in charge of the first-grader), because I can't even swim. Which I later found out that the water at Termeden is only 3-feet deep and life jackets for kids are free.

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What's been worrying me?

- Time to find in order to wire money home.
- Broken glass frames.
- Lesson plans gone bad.

My solutions:

- The money will be there and bills will be paid, even if they're late.
- I am not blind.
- The lesson never went wrong, just not the way I had planned.

Let there be bread (or rice, in my case).

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