Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 Adventures

My D-Day app says, "IPO DAY 34".

Rather than counting down my days here, in South Korea, I'm counting them. What have I done since I've landed? Well, not blogging, that's for sure. But I have been posting videos on Facebook and YouTube. Here's a recap for readers and not viewers, starting with the earliest to the latest.

Day 1 - Went to Hell and back in a day.

Day 3 - Tour of the English classroom and the first day I officially met the entire town.

Day 5 - In the 'Hood

(I still don't know how to take out the trash.)

Day 11: Christmas with K.will (Korean solo artist)

Week 4: Ipo's English Winter Camp

A month has gone by and I have accomplished a lot more since my first day here, more than I would have imagined or anyone would have after viewing my first video. I'm actually really happy that I did record it, because my family and friends, even people I don't know, have motivated and encouraged me to be strong. I'm just thankful to have running water, a blanket, and toilet paper. Yes, the mold is still here in my apartment. No I didn't throw out the random condiments in my refrigerator out (I even drank all the instant coffee mixes leftover). And I still have recycling piling before my eyes, because I haven't gotten around to asking some body how to do it. But I have met many people within the past month that has made me more comfortable living in Korea.


  1. you live in an apartment?
    if you do the basement level i believe has the recycling...thats where mike's recycling was. and the trash was at the front of the building where all the other rubbish was left.
    if worst comes to worst...get your korean teacher to write out what to say and then ask them to take you?
    i'd help but my korean is super rusty now...and to think i used to be able to communicate fine -__-

    ps this is thuy if you couldnt guess

  2. I live in an apartment, but there isn't really a designated place in my building. Everyone just throws their trash bags outside on the curb. I read in a tour guide book that it should be done after sunset, due to bacterial reasons. I like the idea of throwing the trash after dawn, because nobody will see which trash belongs to me. I asked my co-teacher what I should do with my recycling, she said just throw it outside along with the other trash, un-bagged.


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