Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lonely Nights

What do I do when I'm at home? I get home usually by 5PM from school. Other than surf the internet for hours until my shoulders stiffen.
  • Clean my apartment. I don't know where all the dust comes from, but it exists.
  • Bathroom duties. Nature calls.
  • Prepare dinner. It could take up to an hour, if I don't have my ingredients pre-made.
  • Prepare for the following day's classes. I review the lessons for the next day or create PowerPoint from pre-made lessons.
  • Wash my laundry. Usually by the end of the week I do it.
  • Wash the dishes. I like to save money on the water bill.
  • Organize my finances. I scribble in all my daily expenses in my money planner, to remind me how much I am spending.
  • Write. I like to reflect on my time being spent or how I will spend it.
  • Read. I have a collection of free e-books I got from bloggers to unpublished authors.
  • Visit Icheon's E-Mart. I've vacated that place too many times in the past 3-weeks. The commute is 45-minutes both ways, that doesn't even include the wait time.
Here's what I did while waiting for the ground-pork to defrost and rice to soak:

I made my own pre-made chopped garlic. I bought a bag of garlic bulbs for 1200 won and they were going to become rotten by next week if I didn't use them, so I decided to chop them. Luckily I just finished a jar of grape jam so I reused it. Thankfully, I don't reek of garlic. (Tip: Wash your hands with a silver spoon and it will rid the garlicky smell.)

As I said earlier, preparing dinner could take up to an hour, that is if I don't have my vegetables already pre-cut and frozen.

[Sliced green onion, shredded cabbage, and diced carrots with a few bulbs of garlic.]

Tonight's menu: Ground-pork with cabbage, carrots, and green onion. (Seasoned with garlic, sprinkled with ginger powder, dashed of salt and pepper, and kicked with oyster sauce. Over cooked it, but it was good.)


Would you like some more?

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  1. That looks so delicious, Barbara. I hope Korea is treating you well!


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