Monday, April 4, 2011

Bare Korean Essentials

Living in Korea would not be the same if I did not have these basic necessities to begin with. My apartment would be a hot mess.

In no special order, The List:

A drying rack: A typical Korean home will not be equipped with a dryer, which usually comes along with a washer. So, better hope the home is equipped with a drying rack.

Those are my clothes.

A bottle of fabric softener: Without it, your clothes will end up smelling like mildew after air-drying.

I did not pack this. I bought it at E-Mart for a reasonable price.

A pair of shower shoes: A typical Korean home does not have a big huge bathtub or shower stall, the bathroom itself is the shower stall. So when you only need to use the toilet, your floor will still be wet from the shower you took an hour ago.

This really is my bathroom floor.

A body scrubber: From the long day work and all you want to do is shower and rest, this thing will literally wipe all the dirt off your shoulders. Sure, you've got a loofah, so? Don't forget to take it with you to the sauna/spa.

Apricot Scrub doesn't compare.

A pair of indoor shoes: A typical Korean home will have a pair for each member and a few extra for guests. I adapted the idea, because I have a pair of indoor shoes at school too, they're knock-off Crocs though.

I enjoy standing out in everywhere I am.

An internet router: My computer is finally detached from it's enormously long LAN wire. I can finally see my floor! Not to mention, I can use my Android on wi-fi to save energy.

Before: LAN

After: Wi-Fi

An American plug adapter and an extended 3-way plug socket: This isn't much of a "Korean" necessity, but if a Korean were to import western electronics, they would need these. But I need them especially.

A pair of noise-cancelling headphones: A Korean city is typically loud from various things: stores blasting K-Pop tunes, saleswomen handing you their newest BB Cream, salesmen offering you the newest "handphone", and ajummas offering you kimchi. Seriously, it's AT you. Unless you enjoy the city's soundtrack, these will come in handy when everything gets overwhelming.

Three things are always with me: headphones, glasses, and keys.

What are your recommendations?


  1. Interesting post. I hope things are going well for you. Take care!

  2. I would agree to all of this too. Although I do live in Minnesota.


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